Successful Project

Power supplies for Wind Energy There is no:2017-12-12 08:29:05

As New Energy gets more and more important many companies try to find economic solutions to produce clean and renewable energy and therewith help our environment to recover from the heavy pollution caused by conventional energy production with oil or coal. Deutronic was asked from a big German manufacturer of wind wheels to develop a special power supply which should be placed in the control unit on top of the wind wheel. The environment of such projects is for sure one of the most challenging criteria of such a development. Permanent vibration, extreme changes of temperature and high voltage peaks are only a few conditions that make this job special. Due to the big height of a wind wheel, getting a fire under control is nearly impossible. That´s why there is a high request for electric safety and for the use of non-flammable materials.


Deutronic Elektronik GmbH successfully developed a customized solution for such a case. Many years of experience, high development competence and the ability to apply for all relevant safety approvals in short time finally were the reasons to choose Deutronic.