Successful Project

Tester for motors of New Energy cars There is no:2018-01-11 19:39:43


Deutronic Elektronik GmbH entered the market for the testing of electric motors for New Energy cars. In the past year a big German-Chinese joint venture was the first customer in China who decided to install testing technology made by Deutronic. The system was integrated in a production line for motors and is able to do a fully automated test of all required features without disturbing the flow of production. This system is a 100% customized solution as each manufacturer has its own philosophy and production structure. Several other projects for automated testing in Chinese factories also have been launched in 2017 and will be finished during this year. Deutronic is well prepared to meet the requirements of Chinese companies on their way to automatize their production lines as we have many years of experience and many satisfied customers in different fields of industrial production across Europe. For more detailed information please visit “Test Systems” on our product page.